What we offer

Web hosting is built for security, with each account in its own isolated virtual server environment – this is not basic shared hosting. It can be used for dynamic sites built on a database-backed Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or CiviCRM, or for static HTML/PHP sites.

Web includes your own virtual server, 1GB disk space, 10GB transferred, and multiple MySQL databases with PHPMyAdmin access.

The service includes PHP and other popular open-source languages (Perl, Python), Unix shell access via SSH, DNS hosting for one domain, one email account with Shield spam/virus protection, optional SSL encryption, access to web server logs and automatically created site statistics (AWStats), and automated nightly backups. You’ll maintain your site by uploading files over SFTP, and access your email with any program that supports POP/IMAP, via Webmail, or by forwarding it to any other email address. If you want to use WordPress, we’ll be happy to get you set up with the initial installer wizard, which will walk you through a few simple configuration steps to begin building your new site.

Electric Embers cannot create or design a Web site for you — that you’ll need to either do yourself or have a Web designer/developer do for you. We are not a domain registrar (so you’ll need to register your domain elsewhere) and we’re not an SSL certificate authority (so you’ll need to purchase a certificate elsewhere if you want to use SSL).

Mail service for your domain is available whether your Web site is hosted here or elsewhere. You get complete control over account creation and administration via a simple Web-based interface, and your users can access their mailboxes and control their account settings, including auto-reply vacation messages, mail forwarding, and password changes, via Webmail. (Note that Web hosting already includes one mailbox.)

Mail includes 10 full mailboxes with POP/IMAP/Webmail access, 20 forwarders to outside accounts, SSL-encrypted secure communications, Shield spam/virus protection, and unlimited aliases, local forwarders, and shared address groups. The base fee includes total mail storage of 1GB per mailbox (tallied as a total for the domain, so some mailboxes can have more while others have less).

Mail is not to be used for bulk mail — see Groups instead.

Groups email list service comes in two flavors: Basic and Custom. Custom lists are hosted in your own domain name with a web interface that can be branded to match your website. Groups can host both newsletters and discussion groups, providing email distribution and online information exchange (filesharing, calendar, web-based posting) for those seeking an alternative to inflexible, advertising-driven free services.

Custom Groups includes 20 groups, 5000 total subscribers, and 5GB transferred, with list addresses in a subdomain of your own domain name (@lists.orgname.org instead of @groups.electricembers.net), and a separate “brandable” Web interface with your colors and logo or even a fully customized (by you) stylesheet.

Basic Groups includes 10 groups, 2500 total subscribers, and 5GB transferred, with list addresses @groups.electricembers.net and standard shared Web interface.

Basic Groups
Basic Groups
Custom Groups
Custom Groups

All Groups include searchable archive of all list messages, automatic handling of bounce messages, flexible configuration (restricted subscription, moderation, etc), built-in Shield spam/virus protection, file sharing area for files and documents, and calendar, as well as a SOAP interface.

If you are primarily looking to send out newsletters, this service may lack some of the specialized features you would want. For instance: per-user message personalization (eg. ‘Dear <your name here>…’), list segmentation (eg. send only to members in California), tracking and reporting of open rates and click-through response rates, subscription activity statistics, and the like. This is also a distribution system only, not a content-creation system, so there is no newsletter creation tool or templates; you will simply compose your message (in text or HTML) in your email client, or else in an external Web editing package if you need really advanced HTML creation tools. If these things sound important, then our service probably isn’t right for you, and we recommend looking for a full-fledged newsletter/CRM service.

You can request a 30 day free trial by contacting us.

Shield cleans your email regardless of where your email is hosted, whether at another ISP or on your in-house server. It removes viruses, tags likely spam messages (blocking only the unambiguous ones, so that you can filter spam into a junk mailbox without fear of losing real mail), and can block abusive or malicious senders.

Shield includes protection for 10 people, including any number of aliases or alternate domain names. As an added benefit, Shield also introduces healthy redundancy into your email system: If your mail server becomes unavailable, Shield receives your mail and queues it until your server comes back up and is ready to receive messages again.

Here is how Shield works for you:

  • We scan your messages for spam characteristics using a combination of greylisting, Bayesian statistical methods, header and body pattern matching, DNS realtime blacklists, optical character recognition, and reports from humans and mail servers who have seen copies of your spam messages before. Most spam is blocked right at the front door for not behaving like standard Internet email. Definite, unambiguous spam is deleted. The remaining probable spam is tagged with [SPAM] in the subject line and delivered to your server, where you can set up automatic filtering server-wide or per-user. For every 1000 incoming spams, we estimate that 900 are blocked, 76 deleted, and 23 tagged, leaving 1 message which ends up in your inbox. Shield’s false-positive rate (real mail tagged as spam) is far less than 0.1%, virtually all of which is commercial mail or spam-like newsletters.
  • We scan your messages for viruses and clean them before the messages ever reach your mail server or your users’s computers, providing an extra layer of virus protection. If viruses are found, the viral attachments are quarantined and the message is tagged with [VIRUS] in the subject. Only the clean message is delivered to your server, where it can be accessed by the recipient just like normal.
  • In cases where email becomes abusive or intrusive, we can easily and quickly block messages from selected sendersor servers or to selected recipients


Without Shield: users recieve spam, viruses, abusive mail and ordinary non-malicious mail directly at your mail server.

With Shield: spam is tagged, viruses cleaned, and abuse blocked before the mail ever reaches your organization. Ordinary mail gets through untouched.

At the end of every month, you’ll receive an email invoice detailing your services and fees. All new services carry a setup fee of twice the basic monthly rate, which appears on the initial bill along with fees pro-rated from the signup date. Excess resource usage beyond the included amounts listed for each service above will incur small fees. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, or check.

Electric Embers services are priced by month on a sliding scale (details on our Sign Up page), taking into account the sizes and budgets of our users. As a result, our larger clients with more generous budgets partially subsidize service for our smallest clients.

For complete sliding-scale pricing, or to get started with your new service, proceed to our Sign Up page. If you still have questions, please contact us.