Electric Embers: Handcrafted hosting, powering the fires of change


Welcome, MailerMailer clients!

Electric Embers is pleased to welcome former users of MailerMailer’s DiscussThis service. We’re a small worker cooperative hosting provider with a mission to serve the nonprofit, activist, cooperative, and creative communities, and we’ve been doing this work for over 10 years – see About Us for more info. And we’re honored to be working with MailerMailer to smooth your transition from their service.

We’re ready to get you going with Groups, our list service that should work more or less the way you’re accustomed to with DiscussThis. (We also provide Web and email hosting, and email filtering service, in case you find yourself in need of other solutions in those areas. All our services are described fully on our Services page.)

Our pricing is on a sliding scale, so in order to get accurate pricing for your organization, you should click through the first two questions at Sign Up. But in general, for small-to-medium budgets, our Basic Groups service costs $10, Custom Groups $25. The biggest difference between the two flavors is whether your lists are all located along with many other orgs at @groups.electricembers.net (Basic), or under your own domain at @lists.your-domain.org (Custom).

We would be delighted to answer any questions you have, by email or phone, so please do Contact Us. Or if you’re ready to get going, Sign Up!