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Gaia Host Migration

Welcome, Gaia Host customers!

Moving your internet hosting services (to EE or to any other provider) is a standard and well-known process, but there is one big question to answer first:

Is your domain registered through Gaia Host?

  • No: Excellent! Transferring all your hosting services from Gaia Host should be no problem, and you do not need this guide at all. You can get started by signing up for EE hosting services, and we will send instructions for next steps depending on which services you request.
  • Yes: The first thing you need to do is transfer your domain registration away from Gaia Host. Please continue reading.
  • Don’t know: We can help you figure this out, but you can also try yourself by looking it up in the Whois database – if Gaia Host appears in either any Reseller or Registrant Organization lines (not just in the Name Server lines), then your domain registration is being handled by Gaia Host.

If Gaia is handling your domain registration, this guide lays out the process for you to follow.

Special case for .coop domains at Domains.coop:

If you have a .coop domain where the registrar is Domains.coop and the Registrant Organization is listed as Gaia Host Collective, the domain transfer process described below is one option, but you do have another path that may be quicker. You can keep your domain registered at Domains.coop, but move it out of Gaia’s registrant account and into your own. To start this process, log into Domains.coop and create a new account for your organization using your own, correct contact information. Then contact Domains.coop customer support, provide them with your new account ID number, and request that the registration for your domain be moved to the new account.

If your domain registration does not fit this case (and again, we can help figure that out), or if you wish to register it somewhere other than Domains.coop, you will need to initiate the full domain transfer process described below.

1. Beginning the domain transfer process

For all cases other than the special one above, transferring your domain registration so that the domain is under your control depends on Gaia Host taking certain actions, and it may take time for them to process your request and get back to you. Gaia has committed to processing all domain transfer requests.

If you have not yet emailed Gaia Host support, you should take the actions specified below immediately:

  1. Send an email to support@gaiahost.coop with “Domain Registration Transfer Out” in the Subject line. The email address you send this message from must be the Gaia Host account owner’s email address.
  2. In your message to Gaia Host, specify the email address you want used as the the Admin WHOIS Contact email—this email address will be used throughout the domain transfer process. The initial support request must come from the Gaia Host account owner, but you can specify any email address you like to be used during the transfer process.

Once Gaia Host receives your request, they will prepare your domain for transfer by unlocking your domain, changing the email address associated with the Admin WHOIS Contact, and sending you an authorization transfer code. Once you receive the authorization transfer code, you can initiate a transfer at the new registrar.

To view Gaia’s own transfer instructions, scroll down to the Domain Registration Transfer Out section (under part 2 of “You have options to move services away”) on their Status page.

2. Choosing a new registrar

Electric Embers is not a registrar, but we can highly recommend GKG and Gandi. If your domain name ends in .coop, you will need to choose Gandi, Domains.coop or one of the few other registrars that can handle .coop domains.

3. Transferring to new registrar

Once your domain is unlocked, you have an authorization code, and your contact email address is set correctly, you can initiate a transfer at the new registrar that you’ve selected. ICANN, the organization that monitors and accredits domain registrars, provides these general instructions for transferring a domain from one registrar to another, and here are some specific examples:

  • GKG: Go to https://gkg.net, and under the Domains menu, select “Transfer to GKG.net”. You’ll then be prompted to set up an account and enter your information.
  • Gandi: Go to https://gandi.net, enter your domain, and click the Transfer button. Then click the Shopping Cart button, and begin the checkout process in which you will be prompted to setup an account and enter your information.

4. After the domain transfer

Once you have your domain transferred to your control at your chosen registrar, you can sign up for hosting service with Electric Embers.