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Yahoo Groups Migration

Welcome, Yahoo Groups users!

We know that many people are affected by the unfortunate removal of Web content from Yahoo Groups on December 14, 2019, and we are happy to offer our Groups service as a new home for your groups. You should be able to import all archived messages, and possibly uploaded files and other content, from Yahoo into new groups hosted here. The only restriction is that you must be a moderator of the Yahoo Group, or at least have the cooperation of the moderator to enable the migration.

There are very few steps involved:

  1. Sign up for EE Groups service (either the Basic or Custom flavor), and wait for us to confirm your service is up and ready for use.
  2. For each group you’re migrating to EE, create a new group here, named either the same or differently – it can be imported either way.
  3. From Yahoo Groups, send an invite to electricembers@yahoo.com to join your group there.
  4. We will work on transferring your data from Yahoo to EE and let you know when the process is complete. We will need to wait for Yahoo to send us the export data, which can take some days (they actually warn that it could take up to 30 days, but that should be a worst case), but then our work on this end is much quicker.

Depending on your Yahoo Group’s configuration, it is possible there will be one more final step: we may need to ask you to promote our address to a moderator role there before we can export your data. But we don’t expect this to be generally necessary.

And that should do it! We look forward to helping you get set up on EE Groups, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have: Contact Us.