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To make Electric Embers your DNS host, log in to your domain registrar and change your nameservers to:

   ns3.electricembers.net (optional)
   ns4.electricembers.net (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I register my domain through EE?

No, sorry, we are not a domain registrar — you should register your domain first and then request hosting services from us. We recommend GKG as a registrar, as we’ve found them to be reliable and inexpensive, with good customer support. We do not recommend GoDaddy, for both technical and political reasons, and we do not recommend Network Solutions for technical and pricing reasons.

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phone book of the Internet, translating human readable domain names like electricembers.coop to computer IP addresses like A DNS lookup happens every time you send an email, browse a web site, or do nearly anything on the Internet. DNS is a basic, essential, and automatic part of the Internet as we know it.

Using a domain name on the Internet involves two distinct layers: domain registration and DNS hosting.

  • The bottom layer is domain registration, where you select a domain name and register it for your own use. You choose a domain registrar (we recommend GKG), register your domain with them, and maintain control of your domain by staying in contact with your registrar and paying them registration fees.
  • DNS hosting is the next layer up. When you designate Electric Embers’ DNS servers as the nameservers in your domain registration, you make us your DNS host, responsible for telling the Internet where your different services are hosted. (We might tell the Internet, for instance, that your website is hosted here at EE while your email should be delivered to a server in your office.)

If you are a techie and want more in-depth background information about how DNS works, you may enjoy our extensive DNS and SMTP primer (PDF).