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Electric Embers offers DNS hosting, but we are not a domain name registrar. You can choose to host your domain’s DNS with Electric Embers along with other services, or have the DNS hosted elsewhere, like at the registrar.

Want to make Electric Embers your DNS host?

1. Existing domain:  Start by sending us a complete copy of all your current DNS records so we can replicate them here, and await confirmation from us, before you change nameservers! (Otherwise you would break your existing website and email services.)
2. New domain or existing domain where we’ve already done step 1: Set your domain’s nameservers to Electric Embers nameservers:


Can I register my domain through EE?

No. We are not a domain name registrar. You can register your domain name with any registrar you like (e.g. Gandi.net)

What is DNS?

Humans use domain names when browsing the web, or sending emails, but computers need IP addresses, so the Domain Name System (DNS) is what resolves our names to their IP addresses. A DNS lookup happens every time you send an email, browse to a web site, or do pretty much anything on the Internet.

It helps to bear in mind the separate layers: 1) Domain name registration, 2) DNS hosting, 3) Services like Web and Mail.

  • First your domain name must be registered (and renewed) via a “domain name registrar.” You maintain ownership and control of your domain name by staying in contact with your registrar, and paying them registration / renewal fees, so it is important to not let your contact information there go stale.
  • DNS hosting is the next layer. The registrar keeps track of which “nameservers” are responsible for your domain, and then those nameservers provide the DNS resolution which points your various services at their respective hosts.
  • Web sites and email work because DNS records point the traffic there.
Where is my DNS hosted?

You can use a tool called WHOIS to look up the information about your domain name registration, including it’s expiration date, and the nameservers responsible for your DNS hosting.

How do I edit my DNS records?

Simply send us an email with the specific records you need added or changed (record hostname, record type, and value.) There is no web based tool for you to do this yourself here at Electric Embers. (If you need that, you should consider hosting the DNS somewhere else.)