Electric Embers: Handcrafted hosting, powering the fires of change

Who we serve

Nonprofits: 501(c)3 and other non-governmental organizations fighting for human rights and social justice, sustaining our physical environment, or supporting the arts

Cooperatives: worker, consumer, and producer co-ops (democratic commercial enterprises owned and governed by the people who use them)

Artists: writers, musicians, painters, filmmakers, photographers, etc.

Others contributing to the common good: foundations; grassroots activists; organized labor; political parties & campaigns; land trusts; academic & educational projects; social service government agencies; small personal projects that generate no net income; for-profit organizations & individuals who serve the nonprofit/cooperative/artist sectors

Our 700+ clients include:
350 Seattle
ACLU of Washington
Arizmendi Cooperatives
Audubon Society of Portland
Berkeley Public Library Foundation
Berkeley Student Cooperative
Breast Cancer Action
Causa Justa :: Just Cause
Center for Third World Organizing
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity
Cheese Board Collective
Community Democracy Project
Conservation Northwest
Coro New York
Critical Resistance
David Brower Center
Democracy at Work Institute
Design Action Collective
DIG Cooperative
Ecology Center
Environmental Grantmakers Assn
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Ferguson Action
FoodLab Detroit
Freedom of the Press Foundation
International Rivers
Jobs With Justice
La Raza Centro Legal
League of Conservation Voters
Leakey Foundation
Legal Services for Children
Michigan Humanities Council
National Network to End Domestic Violence
The Nature Conservancy in Oregon
Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives
Orchestras Canada
Philanthropy Northwest
Ploughshares Fund
Portland Project for Cooperative Innovation
Radical Designs
Right To The City
Rockwood Leadership Institute
Ruckus Society
San Francisco Botanical Garden
San Francisco LGBT Center
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
Sierra Club BC
Stamps Family Charitable Foundation
Students for Bhopal
Sustainable Economies Law Center
Union of Concerned Scientists
UPTE, CWA 9119
USA Cooperative Youth Council
US Climate Action Network
US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
US Solidarity Economy Network
Western Worker Cooperative Conference
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network
Young People For