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System Status

Wednesday, 06 Dec 2023 16:43 US Pacific Time

All systems are functioning normally. 
Incident history (two years)
03/25/2022 17:30-19:30 Web: All web sites were intermittently offline due to network interface issue on database server.
01/25/2022 00:00-11:00 Groups: Messages were delayed overnight due to a technical issue introduced by a system update.
04/25/2021 22:45-23:00 Web: All database-backed web sites offline during the first phase of a server upgrade.
04/14/2021 02:00-09:30 Groups: Messages were delayed by several hours due to a combination of server process issues at EE and rate-limiting at Google.
02/02/2021 15:02-15:15 Web: Database server temporarily offline due to technician error while configuring new db server.