Electric Embers: Handcrafted hosting, powering the fires of change


There is no single centralized control panel to access EE services, and in some cases there is more than one option per service (such as mail admin interface vs. webmail interface). Please refer to the following pointers for help:

Account info: https://your-username-here.electricembers.net:444
     (note: that’s https: not http:)
MySQL databases: PHPMyAdmin
File uploads/downloads: no web interface, use SFTP software
DNS changes: no web interface, contact us
Domain administration
Custom: https://lists.your-domain-here.org
Basic: groups.electricembers.net (or Legacy npogroups.org)

To set up or update autopay, click the Payments button on any invoice.

If you would like to change your account admin or billing contact information, please contact us.