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Mail setup – iPhone/iPad

Automatic setup:

1. View this web page in Safari on the iOS device you are configuring.

2. Use this form to obtain an auto-configuration profile for your EE mailbox:

Enter your new email address:

And click Allow in the permissions dialog box that comes up.

3. Then click Install, then your passcode if prompted, then Install again, and Install a third time. It will ask for your full name, your password, and that’s it – click Done, then switch to your Mail app and you should have full use of your new account.

Removing mail account:

If you ever want to remove this email account, go to General -> Profile, which should say EE Mail User. Click through to the Profile page, then click Remove Profile, enter your passcode if prompted, and finally Remove again.

Manual setup:

If the above method of automatic profile configuration doesn’t work for you, here are the steps for manual account setup.

Receiving mail
  1. Go to Settings and then either Accounts and Passwords (iOS 11) or Mail –> Accounts (iOS 10), and click Add Account. Then select Other.

    accounts addaccount

  2. Select Add Mail Account, and enter your Name, Email address, Password, and Description (can be whatever you like) and tap Next.
    other newaccount1

  3. Select IMAP. Under Incoming Mail Server, enter Host Name mail.electricembers.net, User Name (your full email address), and Password. Enter the same info under Outgoing Mail Server, and tap Next (it will verify.)

    newaccount2 newaccount3

  4. Tap Save.


Sending mail
  1. Return to Settings and then either Accounts and Passwords (iOS 11) or Mail –> Accounts (iOS 10), find the account on the mail accounts page and select it, then tap it again. Then under Outgoing Mail Server, tap SMTP. Find mail.electricembers.net under either Primary Server or Other SMTP Servers, and tap it.

    editsmtp smtp

  2. Confirm Use SSL is On, Authentication is Password, Server Port is 587, and User Name (full email address) & Password are entered correctly. Then tap Done.