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Mail setup – GMail

If you have a GMail account and want to both read and send from your EE-hosted email address through GMail, you have two options: forwarding from EE, or POP3 importing into GMail.

1. First, ensure your EE email address is a full mailbox, not just an alias. If currently an alias only, the mail administrator will have to delete the alias and recreate the address as a mailbox. You will need to know the password.

2. Choose one of the following methods to set up incoming mail to this address:

    Method 1 (simpler): Forwarding from EE
    Set up forwarding from your EE address to your GMail address. The simplest method is for the mail administrator to click the Alias setting on your address in the administrative interface, adding the GMail address in the To box and de-selecting the “Deliver to the local mailbox” checkbox at bottom (unless you want to also save copies of all mail locally). Alternatively, you could leave the alias alone and instead create a forwarding filter via your Webmail login. Then proceed to Step 3 below.

    Method 2 (more complete): POP3 importing into GMail
    There may be some advantages here, such as filing/labeling the messages received via this address separately in your GMail account – we are not experts in GMail and can’t speak to the details, but we do know some users have preferred this method.

    Follow Google’s instructions to set up a new POP3 account import, with special attention to these settings:

    • Username: (your full email address)
    • POP3 Server: mail.electricembers.net
    • Port: 995
    • Always use a secure connection (SSL)

    When asked about sending, choose Yes, I want to be able to send mail as… this new address, then enter the settings given in Step 3 below.

3. Follow Google’s instructions to set up a new Send mail as… address for outgoing mail, with special attention to these settings:

  • SMTP Server: mail.electricembers.net
  • Username: (your full email address)
  • Port: 587
  • Secured connection using TLS