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Shield Administrators

The following information is for administrators of our Shield service. For more general and end-user information, see the Shield Users Guide.

Administration via the Web

Connect to https://shield.electricembers.net and log in as postmaster@your-domain.org

Shield Admin

Creating the address list

The first step after you receive your administrator login and password is to create the list of valid addresses which Shield should allow through to your domain. This list should include all usernames, aliases, forwarders, lists, and group addresses–any address @ your domain that should receive mail. If you have a small number of addresses, you can use the Shield Admin interface. Otherwise, you can send us your complete address list in a plain text file, one address per line, and we will import it for you.

Changing your domain's MX record

Once your full address list is configured in Shield, change your domain’s mail routing to have it flow through Shield before final delivery to your mail server. To do that, you need to edit (or have your Web/DNS host’s tech support edit for you) your domain’s DNS records, removing all current MX records and replacing them with this one:

Type: MX  |  Precedence: 5  |  Value: smtp.electricembers.net.

You should not retain any backup MX records, as that will suggest an unprotected route for spam and viruses to flow directly to your mail server. The single MX given above actually represents a bank of fully redundant servers (currently three) at Electric Embers, so there would be little value anyhow in adding any backup MXes.

If you don’t know who hosts your domain’s DNS or how to make this change to your MX record, we will do our best to help you track down this information.

Locking down your mail server against unfiltered mail

To ensure that spammers and viruses don’t circumvent Shield by sending directly to your mail server, we also recommend that you lock it down to accept mail only when relayed through Shield, which you might do either in a firewall or in your mail server’s internal controls. If you can block by DNS name, you should allow incoming SMTP (port 25) connections only from *.electricembers.net. If you need IP addresses, they will be included in the email we send you with your setup instructions.

Maintaining your address list

Remember that whenever you change or add any new addresses in your domain in the future, you must update Shield with the change as well, or else mail to the new address will bounce back to the sender. You may also want to update Shield when you remove addresses, to minimize the forwarding of mail to invalid addresses to your mail server. Simply connect to the Shield Admin page and modify the listed addresses accordingly. Keep in mind that there is a small delay, up to 5 minutes, before Shield will accept mail for the new addresses.

Potential issues: False positives/negatives

If you see spam or viruses slipping through untagged (false negatives), first ensure that you have only one MX record pointing to Shield and that your mail server is locked down to receive mail only from Shield. If false negatives persist, or if you see legitimate mail mistakenly tagged as spam/virus (false positives), please report them. We adjust the anti-spam software carefully with the intent to (a) tag no solicited non-commercial mail and (b) tag as little solicited commercial mail as possible while (c) tagging as much spam as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

An authorized contact on your account should email help@electricembers.coop to request a password reset.